Personally, psychology for me is not only a subject but an incredibly interesting field of study. Therefore, people must realize how important their lives are and learn about the great potential they have as human beings. I don’t think there’s another subject which can will teach them things about themselves and the environment affecting their behaviors.

Studying human psychology was always a great passion for me, and certainly many aspects have developed my love for this field. In order to receive my IB MYP certificate at the age of 14, I had to create a personal project which is an independent research one that is designed to demonstrate the student’s ability to organize, create, and complete a significant body of work. As I was very influenced and inspired by all the psychological books that I’ve read starting from the “secret” by Rhonda Byrne, “how to get what you want and want what you have” by John Gray and ending with the “the magic”, I decided to choose a topic related to psychology and write an extended essay on it. I was discussing how the absence of parents and adults affects the life of a teenager (their way of thinking, communicating, socializing with others, how they feel about it, etc…).  I really liked my topic to the extent that and I spent almost 6 months researching on the internet, meeting both psychologists and psychiatrists, watching documentary movies about this issue, interviewing friends, students and family members… This allowed me to discover teenagers’ needs in that age as well as to see the whole matter from an insider’s view and give an authentic feedback about the suffering of an adolescent excluded, rejected or unwanted by his parents. That’s why I was encouraged to read and discover more things in order to enrich my knowledge in the field of adolescent’s psychology and focus on their development, needs and changes. I got a 6 out of 7 as a total grade for the project, which is an excellent grade. I will never forget my feeling at this moment and how proud everyone was for me including my family, classmates and all my teachers at high school. Teachers took me as an ideal example for other students as I challenged my capacities and worked really hard on the project aiming a full-mark. A lot of effort has gone into making this essay a success.

However, I’ve faced many obstacles including hearing annoying stereotypes and myths about the subject itself and the students who study it and especially from my family and close friends who believe that psychology majors do not have any career in Egypt. Anyhow, I decided to study what I really like, challenge myself and prove them wrong. I worked really hard starting from my first semester in college and by the end of my second semester, I was able to declare the major! `

To sum up, I’m really proud of this experience because it has a precious and valuable meaning for me. That’s why I thought it was worth sharing it. Studying psychology was a real challenge for me. And now? Well, in the meantime, it is the greatest achievement that I’m proudest of and one of my main values, inspirations and motives in my life. Psychology is not just a major… Psychology is what keeps me breathing… 



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