Reflection #2 Power, Polarization, and Tech

Reflection #2

Power, Polarization, and Tech



First of all, there are plenty of elements, techniques and ways that are involved in this essay in the purpose of getting the user to read through the content. One of them is the use of quotations every once in a while, that I personally enjoyed as a reader.

Moreover, I really LIKED the fact that Chris, the essay’s writer, used different reliable sources as evidences to support his arguments, including David Golumbia’s description of the scholarly concept of Cyberlibertarianism, Richard Rothstein’s The Color of Law, ProPublica’s exposé on how Facebook understands the notion of a protected class on their platform, U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins, a Louisiana Republican, Wired Magazine’s investigation of Facebook’s formula for protecting speech, The American Supreme Court, Jessie Daniels’ Cyber Racism, and other sources.

His arguments are very convincing and straight to the point. One of his main arguments that caught my eyes is: “The longer you are on the platform, the more you produce and the more can be extracted from you”.  He actually summed up the whole issue straightforwardly claiming that polarization keys engagement, and engagement/attention are the what keep us on platforms.

The only thing I DISLIKED about this essay is the fact that he compressed too many aspects including gender, sexuality, technology and politics in one essay. He probably aimed to cover the issue from multidirectional perspectives using various aspects. Anyhow, from my own point of view, I think that the essay could have been better if it had focused on one specific aspect.


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