Reflection #3 Education in the (Dis)Information Age

To clarify, Kris Shaffer reflects on the abundance of information on the web. He suggests that the hyperlink maybe ‘our most potent weapon’ against disinformation: The oldest and simplest of internet technologies, the hyperlink and the “new” kind of text it affords — hypertext — is the foundation…


One of the things I really enjoyed about this reading is the introduction and how it actually grabbed my attention. I liked the fact that the writer started the article by sharing a personal experience and talking about his visit experience to the seminar course for history majors at University of Mary Washington, where students were digging into the differences between primary and secondary sources.


I also liked the fact that his whole article is actually supporting or based on his very first argument: “We are all on the front lines in the war against disinformation”. I really liked this argument and I thought it was worth sharing. That’s why I retweeted it immediately once I’ve read it.


Personally, I think that the part on social media platforms killing the hyperlink is particularly helpful in clarifying that distinction between creating a URL and pasting a hyperlink. It’s a lot more consequential than perhaps I had previously considered. Clicking on the URL definitely takes you out of the platform, so they aren’t stopping that, but it certainly does obscure the fuller nature of hypertextuality.


I agree with Shaffer with respect to importance and utility of the hyperlink. The example used to support his argument is actually a good one.



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