Reflection #4 Recognition Is Futile: Why Checklist Approaches to Information Literacy Fail and What To Do About It



Despite the fact the article is too long, it is definitely worth reading. It actually emphasizes on the fake news issue and provides useful tips and effective strategies to avoid this serious matter.

In my own point of view, I think that discussing such topics is definitely a must. Fake news is becoming a global issue nowadays. Experts themselves don’t know if the fake news problem will get more or less awful! That’s why it is very important to provide the readers with a better understanding of this matter just like Mikecaulfield did in his article.

Effectively, Mikecaulfield, the article’s writer, helped us to identify fake news by looking at certain criterias that I personally didn’t know about before including the source itself (authors, publishers, social media users, etc…), evidence (names, numbers and places), context (current events, cultural trends), intended audience, the purpose and last but not least the execution (how the information is being presented, style, grammar, layout and image choices).  He also provided us with his “four moves” effective strategy to distinguish fake news.

Not only this but also, I liked the way he introduced to us the topic by linking his personal stories, including the whooping cough story, with the fake news issue in a very creative way.

Moreover, he used interesting examples to cover the fake news issue including Jennifer Lawrence’s death news as well as the Harvard medical school study on domestic violence.

In conclusion, due to this article’s topic value and importance, I decided to share its link on my personal Facebook account and added a caption “A MUST-READ!”. In addition, I commented on the article itself and joined the ongoing discussion on the MOOC engagement saying: “Hi there. Thanks to Mikecaulfield’s four moves strategy that allowed us to resist fake news. It is actually the right time to stay informed in order to make decisions that affect our collective future”.


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