Alternatives to Missed Assignments/Participation – Writing Assignment 4 : Postcards from the Past…

When In pain…

To the one who once asked me “what does it feel like when you’re in pain” and I couldn’t reply…

Pain is when you miss someone and you don’t even have the right to speak up and let them know how much you need them.

Pain is when you pretend to ignore them but you really miss them!

Pain is when you realize that you still remember every word of your last conversation together as if it was yesterday and you just can’t get over it.

Pain is when you wish they were right here by your side every time you find yourself doing something you’re proud of.

Pain is when you ask people how they’re doing and know everything about them but once your eyes meet, you just act like you’re strangers.

Pain is when you pretend to be okay even though you’re not because you know life is meaningless without them and you’re just living like a dead, literally.

Pain is when you start searching for them in each person you meet…

Pain is when you crave something so simple such as the sound of their voice or those ‘cheesy songs’ you used to sing to each other

Pain is when you fight the ongoing urging to text them or call them every single night!!

Pain is when you find out you’re looking for them wherever you go.

Pain is when you realize that you can’t stop loving them even after breaking your heart!

Pain is when you try to convince yourself that you’re strong just because you’re gone one more day without them.

Missing someone is really hard and you know what’s even harder? Not being able to do anything about it. You just wish they were here so you could tell them how much you need them and how hard every day has been without them! A part of you is gone and you just start missing them uncontrollably. Trust me, sometimes you could become homesick for people too and that’s what really hurts and I swear there’s nothing more painful than that. I hope you now understand why I was incapable of answering your question.




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